Positive opk before positive hpt

I had positive preg test till about 2 weeks ago, and I didnt test test last night. I had 1 hpt and 1 opk left from last month and just took them just for curiousity. My OPK was for sures positive. The test line was darker than the control line.

I took an OPK today by mistake (thought I grabbed HPT) to my surprise the test was postive and it was def. an OPK. Anyways I already ovulated this month and should be getting AF tomorrow. i took an actual hpt after the OPk and that was negative....my concern is why the OPK was positive. A OPK works much the same as a HPT (except for the fact that in order to yield a true positive result the Test Line must be equal to or darker than the Control Line). LH and HCG are also very similar in structure, as they are both glycoproteins.

O nce you finally get that positive result on your ovulation test, it’s time to get busy – literally. A positive result means you’ll likely be ovulating within the next 12-72 hours. To maximize your chances of getting pregnant, have sex the day you get the positive result and for three days afterward.

I also has positive opk 4 days in a row, I was also concerned about it and researched internet - everywhere it is said that once you got your positive opk, stop testing. I ended up having positive hpt that cycle when I had 4 days of positive opk-so it might be a good sign (it may ask me whu I was using opk after the positive?